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25 Year Reunion

Our 25 Year Class Reunion was held at the Elks Lodge in Redondo Beach on August 30, 1997.  It was organized by Dave and Patti Bazell-Heath, Heidi Benisek-Patten, and many others.  Our own Cesar Ricaurte provided the night's entertainment and dance music.  Most of us, unfortunately, will remember going home that night to the news of Princess Diana's death.

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The Friedrichs with Mike McGinnis

Bob Momo with Crystal Collins-Parks

Kim Hornbeck with Karen Nielson-Daoussis




Larry and Robin Fontes Affentranger with Debbie Ruhlow

Denise Davis-Dillard with ??

Larry and Robin Affentranger




Karen and Keith Knappenberger, Kevin Knappenberger, and Al Gibbs

Busch, McTee, Schneider, Johns, Fitzgerald and Ben Kidner

Ben Kidner, Steve Dobson, Rich Busch, and Scott Schneider




Larry Affentranger, Heidi, Tom Finlayson, Barbara Stewart-Armer, and Don Patterson

Denise Dandoy-Carty with husband, Glen

Richard Elliot, Eddie Smith, and Jean Anderson




Barbara Shigekuni, Joe Garcia,  Mark and Debbie Burlew

Rich Busch, Maureen McTee-Atkins, Scott Schneider, Bob Fitzgerald, and Becky Johns

Stefan Malczewski with Rob and Sharon Houston-Friedrich




Don Patterson

Madronna Elementary School Group

Monte Robold, Ted Fournier, Randy Elkins, Kim Hornbeck, and John Floyd



Barbara Evans-Sheib

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Hickory Elementary School group

John Valles and Karen Nielson-Daoussis

Toni Webb-Romanos




Debbie, Leisa, and Patti

Mark and Debbie Burlew

Julie Katsuki-Yamamoto, Becky Miller-Frank




Rick Busch, Jan Anderson-Drager, and John Valles

Kathy Risner, Toni Rios, and Maureen McTee-Atkins

Jamie Plotkin-Smith with Becky Johns




Jan Anderson-Drager with Sharon and Rob Friedrich and Julie Katsuki

Toni Webb-Romanos and John Kocsis

John Dickson, Randy Elkins, Barbara Evans-Sheib, Chris Cox-Ake, and Bob Fitzgerald




Heidi with Robin Fontes

Chris Cox-Ake 

John and Jeanne Dickson




Dave Heath and Becky Miller-Frank

DJ Cesar Ricaurte

Steve Beyersdorf

Heidi Benisek-Patten with Richard and Dawn Elliot

Toni Webb-Romanos and Jerry Meyer





Richard Elliot and Toni Webb-Romanos

Karen and John

Denise Dandoy-Carty and husband, Glen




Carol Massie-Kemp, Michael Cunningham and Patti Thomas

Dawn and Richard Elliot




Greg Parr

Kevin Laffey, Mr. Woody Griggs, Carol Massie-Kemp and Doug Paulin

Bill Lewis and Patti Thomas




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