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Unfortunately we really dropped the ball in updating this site with news from 2010.  Because our 40th is coming up, we'll try to keep the News section of our site current.


  • November, 2009- We are sad to report that our classmate, Dan Allshouse, has passed away.  For more information click HERE.
  • September, 2009- We are sad to report that Mr. John Radcliffe passed away.  For more information, click HERE.
  • May, 2009- The THS Alumni Association has begun the planning for the 5th Annual Classic and Custom Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show on Saturday, October 10th.  This is a fabulous fundraiser for our school.  For more information go to the new web site at http://www.torrancehighschoolcarshow.org/
  • May, 2009 -The Class of 1970 is beginning to plan their big 40 Year Reunion and is asking for the help of THS alumni in all classes.  Check out their new web site at http://www.torrancehigh1970.com/.  If you have a relative or friend from '70,  please have them email Greg Smith at smithgbs@roadrunner.com with their contact information.
  • January, 2009 -The email address for our Class of 1972 Reunion Committee has been changed to THS72Class@msn.com.  Please add this address to your Safe List.  All emails from the reunion committee will begin with "THS" in the subject line.


  •  Latest Emails to   the Class (3/1/2008)- Click  HERE
  • Janne Staats DiBiase has passed away.  Click HERE for a copy of her obituary in the Daily Breeze.
  • SoCal Fires impact on THS Alumni

  • The 35 Year Class Reunion on August 18th was a blast.  Check out all of the great photos from the two day event.

  • Check out the 10 Year Memory Book and pictures of the 10 Year Reunion

  • Other Recent Passings

    Dr. Carl Ahee (4/26/07)
    We received word that our old principal, Dr. Carl Ahee, passed away on Wednesday, April 25th, following a lengthy illness and a severe stroke.  Dr. Ahee began his career at TUSD in 1955 as the AP at NHS, and the following school year, transferred to Torrance High where he served as Principal until 1970. He then became an Adult Education Principal until his retirement in 1978.  Dr.Ahee is survived by his wife of 65 years, Lorraine, a retired TUSD teacher, their children, Mary Guinn, and Karl Peter Ahee, as well as 8 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his son Henry Roberts Ahee.
    Condolences may be sent to the family at the following address:

            Lorraine Ahee and Family
            3348 W. Royal Oaks Dr.
            Visalia, CA 93277
    No burial is planned at this time. A family celebration and reunion will be held at a date to be determined.
    Our condolences to the Ahee family.

    John Petterson (3/27/07)

    We're saddened to report that our classmate, John Petterson, has passed away.  As more details become available they will be posted here.


  • Richard and Dawn Elliot hosted a party for all classmates and friends on September 16th of last year.  Pictures of the BBQ are posted in the Recent Photos section.
  • Some Classmate News 

    Jim Andrews is a proud new grandfather.  Check him and his grandson out in the Recent Photos

    John Christian has been busy playing Grandpa outside of Ft. Lewis, Washington with his son, Peter, and his three granddaughters while their mom is overseas.  He has also been helping his son with a new film project due out in December 2006 called STAR TREK: Of Gods and Men.  His son is Associate Producer and John is working as a creative consultant.  Anywone wishing to see their work and trailers of the project should visit http://www.startrekofgodsandmen.com/.

    Cheri Affentranger Romero has posted some great pics of her and her son, Geno, in the Recent Photos section of our site.  She is also very proud of her husband, Gene Romero, who was recently inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  Click HERE to check it out.

    Jim Conder sadly lost his son, David, ealier this year after he was truck by lightning while working on a fence at his grandfather's ranch in the Colorado mountains.  His son was on break during his senior year at the University of Utah and had also worked in Jim's office for the past 7 years as an insurance agent.  According to Jim, he was an avid snow skier and loved the out doors -- his fun loving laugh is missed.  Please keep Jim and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult year for them.

  • THS Alumni Association News

    Torrance High School and THS Alumni Association are proud to announce the availability for all alumni and friends to purchase a Tartar Walk of Fame brick.  The walkway will be in front of our historic WPA Auditorium and will feature 4" x 4" x 8" bricks with a brass plaque in the center. Each brick can hold up to 3 lines with a 52 character limit.  Please go to www.thsalumni.org and click on either CURRENT PROJECTS OR UPCOMING EVENTS to see the details.  You can download an order form from the site.  The Torrance High School Alumni Association website is the only place that you can download this form.  If you have any questions please email me and I will be happy to assist you.  Please pass the word about this exciting way to be part of THS history.  The proceeds left after installation of the bricks will go towards the restoration of the front of the WPA Auditorium, including the three beautiful WPA reliefs above each door, the foyer of the Auditorium and our much beloved and filmed Senior Patio.  We hope that you will join us in making Torrance High School the beautiful Grand Dame that she once was and should always be. Principal John O'Brien and I are very proud to be able to finally make this offer to all our alumni and friends.

    With Tartar Pride and Joy

    Gail Morgan
    President THSAA

    Upcoming Events (Visit
    www.thsalumni.org for more details)



  • Our New Website

    Due to the overwhelming response for contributions from alumni in our class, this site is now funded well into our 40th reunion.  In addition it has allowed us to streamline this site and make it even better.  A list of those who donated will be published soon.  Everyone owes these spirited classmates their thanks for helping to fund this site.  Check out the new section - Senior Yearbook 

  • Recent Passing

    We're saddened to report that our classmate Ed Smith passed away on July 27th after a long bought with Lou Gehrig's disease.  Services will be held in the chapel at Green Hills Mortuary in Rancho Palos Verdes on Saturday, August 5th, at 1pm.  Flowers and cards can be sent to Eddies mother at P.O. Box 1195, Yucca Valley, CA 92286.  A card has been sent on behalf of the THS Class of 1972.

  • The 7th Annual Torrance High Golf Program Fundraiser will be held on August 18th at Los Verdes Golf Course.  The information and entry/donation form is on the website at http://www.torrancehighgolf.com/


  • Some great photos were submitted by our own Debby Pogge Lake from A Midsummer Nights Dream which was recently performed by the THS Theatre Department on November 17th, 18th, and 19th.  Kathy Bergen Rossier's daughter, Kelsey Rossier, and Stephan Malczewski's son, Alex, had two of the main roles.  In addition, Debby's niece, Lisa, was in the cast.  Many of our classmates attended to support a worthy cause as the The Theatre Department is desperate for funds. Debby says that "the play was a great hit! The audience was engaged the entire time. Everyone laughed and clapped a lot! The set and costumes were a treat for the eyes, very colorful and dramatic.   They had modern music, which was terrific, even some from when we were in school and before!   The drama department is a lot more sophisticated today than 30 years ago when I was in Mr. Slaterís class! The kids did a great job!"

    Anyone interested in helping the department out can contact the school directly, or Kathy at (310) 328-3396 or by email at Lees2ndgirl@aol.com.  Photos can be found above in the Recent Photos section.

  • Due to the overwhelming response from alumni in our class, this site is now funded well into our 40th reunion.  To see a list of those who have helped out by donating funds, please click HERE.

  • We're sad to report that Robin Sosa passed away on September 8th.  A memorial for Rob was held at El Nido Park on September 18th at 2pm.  Flowers can be sent to Rob's father, Robert, and his older sister, Christine at 15216 Sunflower Lane, Victorville, CA 92394.  For more information and some special words from fellow classmates, click Here.   [posted 9/26/05]

  • Kathy Bergen Rossier would like all classmates to know about the upcoming performance of  A Midsummer Nights Dream performed by the THS Theatre Department on November 17th, 18th, and 19th.  Kathy's daughter, Kelsey Rossier, and Stephan Malczewski's son, Alex, will have two of the main roles.  In addition, Debby Pogge's niece, Lisa, is in the cast.  Tickets are only $7 or $12 for VIPS (in which we are included) for reserved seating and free concessions.  The Theatre Department is desperate for funds and this would support a worthy cause while at the same time viewing a great production of the play.  Anyone interested can contact the school directly, or Kathy at (310) 328-3396 or by email at Lees2ndgirl@aol.com 
  • So far the only alumni from our class who we know were affected by Katrina are Jana Leonard-Hertel and Kathy Parcus-Reinhart.  Jana lived just outside of New Orleans, is safe, but has had her life understandably turned upside down.  Please email her at cheyennesumrwynd@aol.com and let her know you're thinking of her.  Jana has returned to SoCal and is temporarily in Long Beach, living at and working with her previous employer and family who have graciously taken her in.  For a recent email update from Jana, click Here. Kathy lives farther north in Alabama, is also safe, but has had family members affected by the storms.  You can reach Kathy at krreinhart@hotmail.com.  Please pass on any news of other classmates who may have been affected by Katrina.
  • Monte has organized a golf event and web site fundraiser for Friday, September 23rd, at the Los Verdes Golf Course.  The fee for golfing is $36.50 and each attendee is asked to throw a couple of bucks in to help with the others who have supported the cost of this web site.  Afterwards we'll meet informally for drinks at Scott Schneider's house and all classmates are invited to join us, whether golfing or not.  Our former teacher, Woody Griggs, and Mr. Armstrong's daughter, Dr. Julie Armstrong (THS '77) will be there also.  Those who live in the area may want to join in the THS fundraising events that the THS Alumni Association has planned for the remainder of the weekend (see below).  [posted 7/24/05]
  • The THS Alumni Association is holding their 2005 Annual All Alumni Event on Saturday, September 24th.  This includes a Classic Car Show, Family Picnic, and All Alumni Dinner.  Proceeds go to Torrance High School.  For more information go directly to the Associations web site at http://www.thsalumni.org/text/UEalumniEvents05.shtml.  You may also contact Gail Morgan at (310) 326-8676 or via email at gslmorgan@aol.com.  [posted 6/6/05]
  • The THS Boys and Girls Golf Program is also holding their own 6th Annual Torrance High Fundraiser on August 19th at Los Verdes Golf  Course to benefit the THS golf program.  For more information and entry forms please go to the THS Alumni site at http://www.thsalumni.org/.  [posted 7/23/05]
  • (7/26/05)   Last weekend (July 16th) Donny Roy, our fellow THS alumni from the Class of '73,  lost his only son, Cody, in an auto accident in Parker, AZ. The service will be Friday, July 29th.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.
  •  (7/23/05)   The THS Boys and Girls Golf Program is holding their 6th Annual Torrance High Fundraiser on Friday, August 19th at Los Verdes Golf  Course to benefit the THS golf program.  For more information and entry forms please go to the THS Alumni site at http://www.thsalumni.org/.  
  •  (6/16/05)   We're saddened to report that our classmate  Robyn Anderson Pye passed away Tuesday morning.  For details, see below and click Here.  Please keep Robyn's family in your thoughts and prayers today.
  •  (6/6/05)   Our fellow classmate, Richard Elliot, will be speaking to the THS Class of 2005 at their baccalaureate on Saturday, June 18th, at El Camino College Marsee Auditorium.  Richard has distinguished himself as a THS alumni in his profession as a firefighter for almost 30 years and is currently the Chief for the City of West Covina Fire Department.
  • (5/31/05)  Our old coach and drafting/wood shop teacher is finally retiring up at Paradise High School in Northern California.  For the curious, check out his recent photo at http://phs.paradise.k12.ca.us/shop/technology.htm.  You can send your good wishes to him at DBarnes@paradise.K12.ca.us for the next few weeks that he is there.
  • (5/20/05)  Robyn's husband reports that her health continues to improve, although very slowly and one step at a time.  Robyn is still at Mountain View Hospital in ICU so Jeff has asked that no flowers be sent yet.  He says she would love to receive cards, however.
  • (5/10/05)  We are sad to report that our classmate, Robyn Anderson Pye, has suffered a sudden heart attack apparently caused by a virus according to her husband, Jeff Pye.  She is at Mountain View Hospital with plans to be transported to UCLA Medical Center for further work and possible heart transplant.  She is reported as taking a turn for the better today coming out of a coma but still has a rough road ahead of her.  Please keep Robyn and Jeff in your thoughts and prayers during this tough time.
  • (2/16/05)  Our thanks to Don Patterson, a Howard-Wood friend of Johnny Gillette's, for coming through on a request for a memory book from our 20 Year Reunion.  Don will send an extra copy he has to Linda Gillette, John's widow,  who is accumulating photos and memories of John to give to their son, Matt, for his 21st birthday.  What a great class we have!    Check out Linda and Matt's latest photos in  Recent Photo above in the Photos section.


  • (12/10/04)  Congratulations to Charlene Wright who is a recent new mother of two beautiful twin daughters.  Check it out in the Photos tab above under Recent Photos.
  • (12/06/04)  LOSE A RING?  One of our alumni from '96 reports that there is a 1972 THS Class Ring on sale at EBay with the initials MMB.  Guys, maybe that old girlfriend of yours is finally hawking your ring?
  • (10/23/04)  Mrs. Pat Wright warmly remembered today at Torrance High School.  Click Here for words from Theresa.
  • (10/12/04)  A Memorial Service for Mrs. Pat Wright has been set for Saturday, October 23rd, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. at the Torrance High School auditorium.  As she wished, a wake in her honor will be held afterwards in downtown Torrance.  In lieu of flowers, Mrs. Wright also wished for donations to a scholarship in her name.  Please click Here for more details from THSAA President, Gail Morgan and some nice words from Theresa Fagan-Hollis
  • (10/11/04)  It has come to our attention that another of our classmates, Larry Sanders, passed away back in 1999.  More details will be posted here if they become available.
  • (09/22/2004)  The THS Alumni Association is having their annual All Alumni Reunion and Event Fundraiser this October 30th.  All classes, especially ours, are invited to attended this worthwhile event.  Visit  http://www.thsalumni.org/text/UEalumniEvents.shtml for complete details.
  • (09/03/2004)  It's been brought to our attention that the Delphi Forums bulletin board and chat rooms are no longer working for our alumni.  We are looking into it.  This was a free service which we are afraid wants money now.  We are hoping to have our own "in-house" bulletin board established by the next reunion.
  • (08/30/2004)  With great sadness we report the loss of another of our classmates, Teresa Herrell.  Terry Dunmyer-Capelan reports that Teresa passed away last month with complications to the lungs.  No other details are known at this time.
  • (07/25/2004)  Gail S. Morgan, THS Alumni Association President, reports that Mrs. Pat Wright is not doing very well lately.  She is currently at Torrance Memorial Hospital in Room 623, Bed A.  Gail will be seeing her again on the 27th and asks that anyone who would like to email her a couple of words to relay do so at Gslmorgan@aol.com.  Please keep Pat in your thoughts and prayers!
  • (07/11/2004)  Last week, Torrance High's Lucas Lee and Angela Park were named to the AJGA Canon Cup teams, a match play tournament for the best golfers in the nation.  It was based on their performance in the AJGA and other tournaments over this past season and is a great honor.  The 5th Annual THS Golf Fundraiser has been scheduled by current THS golf coach, Devin Kushi, for August 20th at Los Verdes Country Club.  Please click HERE for more information or contact Devin directly at (310) 701-7350.
  • (05/25/2004)  We've just got word that Mrs. Wright is now in critical condition at Torrance Memorial.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
  • (04/29/2004)  Mrs. Pat Wright is in the hospital again (see Old News below) and needs our help and encouragement more than ever this time.  Please send cards, flowers, and letters to Pat Wright,  4318 Exultant Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA  90274.  Please check back for updates on her condition.
  • (04/18/2004)  Click Here to view a very nice thank you to our class, details of Tim's death and funeral, and some very heart-felt words from Kathy.
  • (04/08/2004)  Tim Rossier, our fellow classmate and husband of Kathy Bergen Rossier, lost his battle with a long-term illness and passed away April 6th.  He and Kathy were married 30 years and he leaves their sons, Clay, Kyle and Chase, daughters Callie and Kelsey, and granddaughter Alexzandria.  The funeral will be Monday, April 12th at 10am at the Torrance Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  To send Kathy and her family a message, share a memory, or for directions to services please go to the mortuary's website at http://www.lafuneral.com/ or contact White and Day Colonial Mortuary at (310) 379-2446.  Flowers will be sent on behalf of our Class of 1972 from excess reunion funds.
  • 04/01/2004)  The Tartar Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held April 23rd.  Election results and more details may be found at http://www.thsalumni.org/text/messages/43.html 
  • (02/24/04)  THS and the THSAA are looking for candidates for entry into a new Tartar Hall of Fame. 
  • (02/17/04)  Check out the great photos in the High School Days section of the Photos menu above.  Thanks to Marie Poulin, many of the slides we used for our 20-year Reunion show are posted here.
  • (02/17/04)  Thanks to Diane Greene and Cheryl MacDonald there are some great shots for those of you who attended Greenwood and Howard-Wood in the Elementary Days section of the Photos menu above.  Now what about those of you from the other schools. 
  • (1/16/2004)  Kathy Ramsey passed away in November of last year according to Nancy Jacobson Fenn (1971).  Her service was on 11/13/2003.  She died from natural causes having battled the flu and bronchitis for quite a while. She was a mother of three children and leaves them, ages 4,14, & 16, along with her parents Doug and Beverly Ramsey.  Those wishing to express their condolences can do so by sending a card to Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey at 40306 Calle Lampara,  Murrieta, Ca 92526.  Any questions please don't hesitate to contact Nancy at mnnfenn@msn.com


  • (12/03/03)  Crystal Collins-Parks is a grandmother!  Her daughter and son-in-law, Carie and Ryan, gave birth to a beautiful girl today and mother and daughter are doing fine.  They've named her Indiana.  See Recent Photos.
  • (12/02/03)  Mrs. Wright is reported to be doing well back at her home.
  • (11/24/03)  Our old government teacher, Mrs. Wright, is in the hospital.  Click HERE for details.
  • (11/15/03)  Janis Marie Holdener Hayes sent in a great 30 year comparison which can be viewed above under Fun and Trivial or by clicking HERE.
  • (11/01/03)  Carol Massie Kemp reports from the THS Alumni Association Dinner where she attended with her father (1939).  Click Here to read her email.  Thanks Carol!
  • (10/10/03)  Our fellow classmate, Bob Hutchison, continues to respond well to therapy for a still unknown life threatening ailment.  Please include Bob in your thoughts and prayers and let him know you care by emailing him at rev_bobhutchison@hotmail.com
  • (9/13/03)  Congratulations to Kirk Nelson and Angie Buono ('73) who were married today.  See Recent Photos.
  • (8/31/03)  Our new senior patio bench was viewed by about 15 alumni from our class.  Pictures are posted in the PHOTOS menu under Our Class Bench.
  • (6/18/03)  Mr. Griggs retires after 37 years at THS.  Click here for Daily Breeze article and here to send Woody an e-mail.  He would love to hear from each and every one of you!
  • (6/15/03)  John Dickson addresses THS Class of 2003 baccalaureate.  For text of click here
  • (6/8/03)  20-Year Reunion Photo Gallery is now complete. 
  • (1/2/03) President of THS Alumni Association, Gail Morgan, says thanks for invitation to our reunion.  Click here to read.


  • (12/13/02) Thanks to Patti Thomas, Barbara Shigekuni, and Bob Fitzgerald, more great photos have been posted to the 30 Year Photo Gallery
  • (11/19/02) Sad to report that fellow classmate, Bill Alford, passed away from natural causes yesterday at Robert F. Kennedy Hospital in Hawthorne.     
  • (11/13/02) A Privacy Preference option has been added to the Information Update Form in anticipation of an online Class Directory.  Please take the time to let us know what information you would like listed if you have not done so already...
  • (9/20/02) Mrs. Rose Farnsworth sends her thanks for plaque presented to her during reunion... 
  • (9/20/02) Our 30 Year Reunion Weekend is a great success...
  • (9/10/02) Class of '72 joins the THS Alumni Association, bench on campus to be dedicated to our class...
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