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Worth: 52 points.

THS had a great Student Body composed of 17 offices and overseen by a Student Activities Director during our senior year.  21 of our classmates held positions.  The question, however, also requires the names of those who held offices outside of our class.  These questions are only for the toughest, the True Trivia Tartars. 1. Who was the Student Activities Adviser on graduation day? (1)
Mr. Bert Raiche 2. What was the name of the 17 offices held on the ASB (hint: presidents, VP's, commissioners, captains, leagues, and editors) and who held these offices for the Fall and Spring semesters? (51)

Once again (and hopefully for the last time) I asked a trivia question which had more answers than I was thinking existed.  I would never make it as a lawyer!  There were actually 20 positions within the A.S.B. if you count such things as the foreign exchange girls, Torch staff editors, etc.  But below are the answers to the 17 I was looking for from an old printout from the school.

FALL 1971-72                                     ASB OFFICERS                                         SPRING 1972

Shelley Merrell                                     ASB President                                             Robbin Smith

Beth Figueredo                                   ASB Vice President                                  Beth Figueredo

Chris Hughes                                      Girls’ League President                             Chris Hughes

Linda Frawley                                      Senior Class President                               Craig Stephens

Bob Groth                                            Junior Class President                                  Jan Karr

Cathy Ellison                                       Sophomore Class President                       Alan Kempner

Mary Fleming                                      Freshman Class President                        Debi Shirejian

Denise Fagnano                                 Commissioner of Activities                        Debbie Goodrich

Doug Cooke                                        Commissioner of Athletics                        Tomas Rodriquez

Robbin Smith                                      Commissioner of Finance                             Debi Rider

Nancy Brewer                                     Commissioner of Pep                                Denise Fagnano

Debbie Fagnano                                 Commissioner of Pubicity                             Jamie Merrell

Joseph Schwartz                                T.N.T. Editor                                               Joseph Schwartz

Debbie Goodrich                                 Comm. Of Group Control                         Barbara Evans

Debi Rider                                           Commissioner of Records                        Debbie Fagnano

Craig Stephens                                   Tartar Knight Captain                                 Milan Jones

Virginia Omatsu                                  Tartar Lady Queen                                     Virginia Omatsu

See below for corresponding questions

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


(Point Value)

2 4 5 18 2 3 8 10 5 4  3  31 10 6 12 5 11 12 10 52 213
Kathy Bergen 2 4 5 18 2 3 8 10 5 4   31  10 6 12 1 4 5 8 52


Jeri Wheeler   4 6 18 2 3 8 10 0 3  31 10   6 1 2 4 10 52


Teri Rainier 2   5 9 2 3 4 7 0 3  1  31 9 6 4   3 7 9 52


Maureen McTee     6 18 2 3 3 7 0 0    31 4 6 7 0 3 5 8 52


Denise Fagnano   4 4 0 2 2 8 5 5 4    31 8 6 6 0 1 8 5 52


Debbie Fagnano                       31   6 5   4 9 5 52 106
John Valles                   4     8 6 7 2 1 6 6 52


Joseph Schwartz                                   9 10 52


Marci Higgins       9 0 3 3 10 1 3  0  31 5 6 4 0 0 1 2 0


Jeff Lynch 2 4             3 4    31     0          


Debbie Gray           3 8 0 1                      


John Pearson                 2 3  1   4              


Nancy Clayton                   4     5   3          


Anita Wallace 2         2     1 3  0                  


Betsy Hambleton                                   6    


Cheryl Affentranger                   4  1                  


Raul Ramirez                   4                    


Becky Miller                   4                    


Don Patterson                   4                    


Garry Baldwin                   4                    


Chris Cox                   4                    


Wim McSpadden                 3                      


Jan Anderson                   4  0                  


Crystal Collins 2                                      


Randy Elkins   1                               3 1  


Barbara Stewart 2                                      


Patti Thomas         2               2              


Karen Hahn                     1                   1
Jeanice Ruzicka                      1                   1
Margi Rajca                     1                   1
Dan Marmostein                             3          


Milan Jones                   4             2      


Joseph Schwartz                                   9    


Bob Hutchison           3                            



Point values are in parentheses

  1. On what date did THS open its doors? (2)
    September 11, 1917
  2. What was the full name and title of our principal when we entered Torrance High? (4)
    Dr. Carl R. Ahee
  3. When we walked around the THS campus, what streets were we on? (6)
    Carson, Watson, 218th, Martina, 222nd, and Plaza Del Amo
  4. How many palm trees are there in the senior square and in the triangle outside the Main Building? (18)
    There are nine palms at each area for a total of 18.
  5. What was the full name of our principal when we graduated from Torrance High? (2)
    Mr. Harold Klonecky
  6. What was our actual graduation date? (3)
    June 14th, 1972
  7. Our class hosted two foreign exchange students. What were their names and what cities and countries did they come from? (8)
    Sandra Eriksen from Gisborne, New Zealand, and Suzanne Kunz from Dusseldorf, Germany
  8. What are the five words and five symbols seen on the front of the Main Building? (10)
    The words are Torrance, High, School, Letters, and Sciences. The symbols are a book, microscope, torch, and two drapes over pedestals. There is also a small seashell.
  9. The THS Varsity Basketball made it to the CIF semi-finals while we were there. What year was it, who was the coach, who did we beat to get there, where was it held, and did we win? (5)
    In 1971 Coach Little led the team with only three losses, beat La Serna at the Long Beach Sports Arena to play Crescenta Valley at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, where we unfortunately lost in the semis.
  10. What two establishments did we eat at after football games by the Jack In The Box and down at the beach on 2nd Street and what did we eat there? (4)
    Aarthurs or Swensons (ice cream) and Mickey's Deli (sauce sandwiches).
  11. On what specific date were the girls at THS allowed to wear pants? (3)
    February 3rd, 1970 (You've come a long way, baby!)
  12. The answers to these questions are on the following web pages (click on links below):


    1. In what two ancient northern countries did the Tartars first reside? (2)
    Jorza and Bargu (These are both Chinese derivatives of the word “La Rana”)
    2. What was the name of the prince of the north who tried to enslave the Tartars? (1)
    Un-khan or Prestor John (I like the 2nd one better!)
    3. What did the Tartars resolve to maintain after becoming sensible of the slavery this prince 
        was imposing? (1)
    A strict union amongst themselves (their own reunions were apparently pretty wild!)
    4. What is a Tartar tent called? (1)
       A Ger
    5. Name two things that you never do in a Tartar tent? (3)
       Step on the threshold, touch the guy ropes, look down, or make water (probably cause the guys
           can’t look down to see where they're aiming!)

    6. Who was the first emperor that the Tartars elected as their king and how did he die? (2)
        Chingis-khan. He was struck in the knee with an arrow and died from the wound.(explains why we
           never had a good javelin thrower on the track team).

    7. What were the names of the successive emperors? (5)
      Kuyuk Khan, Batu Khan, Altou Khan, Mongu Khan and Kubilai Khan (there are different spellings,
            Ms. Hoose wasn't born yet
    8. What lofty mountain are all Tartar kings buried under? (1)
    Altai (supposedly they would raid the local Safeway and go over and TP it once a year)
    9. Of all the Tartar kings, which of the emperors was considered the greatest. (1)
    Kublai-khan  (Sorry Jesse!)
    10.Which famous European medieval traveler discovered The Tartars? (1)
    Marco Polo (makes you want to jump in the pool, doesn’t it?  He used to cheat and open his eyes.)
    11. What were they more given to than any other nation on earth? (1)
    Great drunkenness (not just the normal type but GREAT!  Narcs were non-existent.)
    12. What happens to a member of the Tartars if he steals a horse? (1)
    Chopped in half by a sword.  (I’ll take the chewing out by Mr. Hulse any time)
    13. How can this horse-thief escape punishment? (1)
       If he pays 9 times the value of what he has stolen (The criminal justice system hasn’t changed
            much, has it?)

    14. How was their food? (1)
    Mongol food is not good. They boil all their meats without salt. They commonly eat beef, mutton 
           and horseflesh.
           They mix the clean and the unclean, eating wolves, foxes, dogs, carrion, animal afterbirths, mice and,
           when necessary human flesh. Likewise they eat all manner of birds.
           They do not use napkins or tablecloths at dinner and so eat in excessive filth.
           They wash their platters rarely and very badly and the same applies to their spoons.
           (And we thought the Annex Cafeteria food was bad!  Food fights were a common occurrence)
    15. What specifically does it take to travel amongst these people? (1)
    Great Courage (again, not the normal type.  Supposedly packing a couple of “doobies” 
            always   helped
           smooth things over with these nasty barbarians
    16. What did Tartars wear for costume (be specific)? (6)
    The rich wear cloth of gold and silk and rich aurs-sable and ermine and miniver and fox
           On their backs they wear an armour of buffalo hide or some other leather which is very tough.
            (a tie, however, was always required on game day)
    17. What was the name of the drink that Tartars made of mare’s milk, almost like white wine? (1)
    Koumiss (One of the great ancestors supposedly went on to market “Boones Farm” and became 
           rich off Tartars)

    18. What other name have the Tartars been known as? (1)
       Mongols (AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!)
  13. 1.The Tartar Choir had an “elite” group of members.  What was their name and who was their 
        music director? (2)
    Mr. David Norman lead The Troubadours and The Trouveres (turtlenecks, blazers and all!)
    2.What group sang the song, released in 1966, entitled See You In September?
        In the song, where are they saying goodbye at, where is the danger she is suppose to remember,
        who is he worried about loosing her to, and what is she not suppose to forget to do? (5)
    This song has become the unofficial song of our reunion and was produced and sang by
              The Happenings  in 1966.  At the station, she is warned of the danger in the summer moon above,
              he worries about loosing her to a summer love,  and she is not to forget to write.  
              (Thank you to those offering obscene answers to this last part!)
    3. In the Bill Wither’s song  Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone, how many times are the words 
        “I know” said? (1)
    26 times (remember singing along in the car?)
    4. Who sang the song To Sir With Love? (1)
    Of course, Lulu.  (Have some fun and rent the movie before the reunion.  You’ll crack up!)
    5. How many minutes is the long version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida? (1)
    17 minutes and 5 seconds. (It WILL be played during the reunion!)

14. What were the names (first and last) of the three Assistant Principals we had at THS in our 
      senior year? (6)
Mr. Marcus L. Caldwell, Mr. James B. Lockner, and Mr. Claude Ragsdale

15. THS was blessed with the presence of a little old guy who used to hang out around 
      campus and the stadium. 
        1. What was his nickname and how did he first get it? (2)
Of course, it was FLASH, a nickname he got from the Chicago White Sox when they would use
               Pasadena for their spring training.
        2. What was his real first, middle, and last name? (3)
               Glenn Waltermar Sorenson
        3. When, in what city, and what state was he born? (3)
He was born in 1906 in St. Paul, MN.
        4. What was his “ride”, what color was it, and how did he get your attention on it? (3)
              When we knew him he had a red/silver bike with bells and horns
        5. Was there anything anatomically peculiar about him? (1)
Flash had no teeth which he was always proud to prove.

16. At lunchtime (4th or 5th period - remember we had two lunch schedules!) students use to 
     stand on a box in front of the auditorium and discuss the politics of the day!  The administration
     was not really excited about the idea, they wouldn’t give us a microphone to use at first, but 
     they finally relented.

        1.What was this free speech activity called? (1)
The Open Forum
        2. What month and year did it start? (2)
November 25th, 1970
        3. List any guidelines administration said we had to follow. (2)
               Guidelines forbade advocating violation of school rules or violent 
                overthrow of the government

17. 1. What was the name of our THS school newspaper? (1)
The Torrance News Torch
       2. When it was first published, what was it initially named and why? (2)
The Torrance News Tentacle.  Tentacle for "reaching out" and the acronym 
               TNT for "explosiveness"
       3. What month and year was the first publication? (2)
February 1922
       4. Who were the first three editors? (3) What did one of them go on to become in the city
           of Torrance? (1)
George Hannon, Frank Perkin, and Albert Isen, who went on to become Mayor of Torrance
       5. What year did it change names from the initial to its current name? (1)
           What event did that coincide with? (1)
In 1925 (some accounts 1926), Tentacle was changed to Torch to coincide with 
             the first published annual by the same name, The Torch

18. The following are miscellaneous questions.

  1. What were the names of the leagues for both the mens and womens sports leagues during our years there? (2)
    The boys played in the CIF Sky League and then Bay League, the girls in the GAA (which started in
         1917 when THS opened)
  2. What were assemblies called that we were required to attend at times? (1)
    The assemblies, always held in the auditorium, were affectionately called "Aud Calls"
  3. How many students showed up for Freshman Orientation in the fall of 1968 (within 20) ? (1)
    According to the TNT article on 9/16/68, over 700 freshman showed up for orientation on 9/11/68.  
        Our graduating class varies a little with transfers but is approximately 624.
  4. We had two public swimming holes in the area (one in Torrance, one at the beach in Redondo).  What did we call them? (2)
    The Plunge and The Seaside Lagoon.  Some also remembered Vanderpool by Little Company.
  5. An earthquake created a huge hole on campus long before we got there.  What year was the quake, what was the area referred to afterwards, and what is there now? (3)
    In 1933 the earth dropped several feet after an earthquake and created the "sunken gardens"
         upon which the THS Administration Building was later built.  Many of you referred to the Hoover Dam
         project and the Assembly Hall, but those were accomplished later and not part of the question.
  6. Shortly after arriving at THS, something happened to one of the structures.  Which building and what happened? (2)
    The boys gym burned down due to an act of arson after a home game with Morningside.  
  7. When was construction of the new English building complete? (1)
    After Christmas break, 1969


  1. On what date and where was our Senior Prom held? (4)
    Our prom was held on 5/20/72 at the L.A. (Statler) Hilton

  2. What was the theme song and who were the artists for our theme song at the prom? (2)
    Beginnings by the group Chicago.  Odyssey 1900 played at the Prom

  3. On what date and where was our Senior Luncheon held? (4)
    Our luncheon was held on 6/13/72 at The Proud Bird by LAX

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